My Birthday

Having a relaxing Sunday afternoon today, so I thought I would do a post about my birthday which was back on the 1st of March.

It was such a hot day, 40 degrees. I usually take the day off work on my birthday but this year I didn't. I was lucky to leave work a bit earlier anyway, as hubby and I were going to go out for dinner.  

When I got home, hubby had made one of my favourite dinners.  Homemade mac and cheese, with garlic bread, which was accompanied by some delicious Moscato wine.  For dessert we had chocolate brownie with some of my favourite Ben & Jerrys ice cream (Phish food) It was so delicious, the whole meal, and in the end, I was glad to be staying home, as it was so hot outside.

It was nice to have a relaxing evening in, after working all day.

After dinner, I opened what I got for my birthday. I got a lovely card and some money from my parents, thank you to them x.  I got another lovely card from the girls at work, and some money too. 

Hubby got me such a thoughtful and motivated present.  I've been wanting to learn more about photography.. understand all the terminology, and understand what it all means.  Not just putting the camera I use at something, put it on auto and shoot. So he bought me a book that will help me with everything I need to know, using any camera.  He also got me the cutest little notebook.  So while I'm reading up about photography,  I can make notes in my notebook the way I understand it all.  I've already been taking notes! He also got me a cute card too.

So with the money, I got from my parents and the girls at work, I put it towards another lens for my Panasonic Lumix camera. I got a Panasonic 45-150mm Lumix G Vario f/4.0 -5.6 ASPH. MEGA O.I.S Lens.  It is a versatile medium zoom lens which is good for portraits,  sports and nature photography.

So I was quite spoilt for my birthday.

Even though I was working, I had a lovely evening relaxing with hubby.

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