Morialta Falls

We went on a spontaneous morning trip to Morialta Falls not too long ago.  I don't think I've ever been there, unless I went there on a school trip and I just can't remember. 
We spent a few hours in the morning having a nice walk and explore.  It was  quite a warm day, so we only spent a couple of hours exploring and taking photos.

 Morialta Falls is a beautiful conservation park and protected area, which is about 10km north east of the Adelaide city.
If you love walking, nature, photography, then this is the place for you.  It has a narrow gorge with three waterfalls, some steep ridges and cliffs.
 As it's summer here at the moment, the falls weren't happening.  So we are planning  to go back in the Autumn or winter to get some photos of the falls.

The funny thing is, when we parked up in the car park, I said "I hope we see a Koala!" We've never seen a Koala in the wild, so we were pretty excited to see if we could see any koalas. 
We saw about 14 koalas!!!! They were all asleep or sleepy, but we could see them!!
Hubby took this shot of a mum and baby. Eyes are open but they look so sleepy!!

Here are some other photos that we took. 

The photo above you will notice something a little different about the bee.... It has metallic blue bands on it's back.  This kind of bee is native to Australia.
We were told this by someone we came across during our walk.

Can't wait to go back in the cooler weather to check out the waterfalls.  

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